Novorbis is central India's first air purifier manufacturing comapny which deals in all sectors from commercial to industrial air purification units.


You are here and reading this just because of a single thought that crossed our minds a year ago. One fine day, we the trio of Novorbis were wondering about the studies and where we see ourselves in the next 5 years. There was a search for purpose where we could contribute to the society and eventually the world.

One day we came across a video in which the national capital was blanketed in a grey haze , and because of the low visibility a car met with an accident which claimed 12 lives. The technological advancement and speedy development since India’s Independence has come at a great environmental cost. The pollution caused by cars, buses, industries and households is one of the biggest threats to the welfare of the people of Delhi and the city as a whole. The future we don't want is already happening and as we were taught that prevention is better than cure.


So we the Novorbis decided to head towards a change, A change for better tomorrow. We started our journey on 4th January,2018 with a vision of creating a venture whose aim is not limited to business but to provide value to the society. We rented a small room and carried our operations. For the next 4-6 months we dedicated our time in innovating a product which will be the solution for this severe problem. We were approached by some investors, distributors and financial supporters with a stake, which we refused and carried the work on our own.


In July of 2018 our product was ready. We tested it with the support of MPPCB and saw an efficiency of 45% for particulate matter and 18% for gases. The product was based on bag filters and chemical absorbers which made it costly for long run. So now our goal for the next 6 months was based on research and iteration of the product for making it much more cost effective and user friendly. For the cash flow to continue, parallelly we ran an automation business for hotels, cafes and restaurants and also, we started the production of our indoor air purifiers.


Meanwhile we were in conversation with investors and incubators but never landed over a conclusion. After some time, we heard about Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) - It is the official Incubator promoted by Prestige Education Society, Indore which prepare start-ups for new India. We joined AIC and started the official work and got incorporated. It’s true that all the hard work, all the sleepless nights, struggles and dedication pays off. We sold our first indoor purifier to Prestige Institute and developed the final Outdoor model. Now we are on the verge of commercial production of both outdoor and indoor air purifiers. The Struggle Is Not Over Yet, New milestones are yet to be achieved.