Clean air for all is our mission

Our mission is to provide government, NGOs and ordinary people clean air, a bubble of clean air. A place where people can think, play, work and grow together. These places are provided by outdoor air purifiers which we call Aura.

Air pollution is growing as one of the worst health epidemic in the world claimed by WHO by taking a death toll of 7 Million worldwide. It becomes necessary to develop innovation which ensures clean and healthy air for our family and loved ones. Delhi Smog was an example of severity of air pollution if not taken seriously. Hence we built a state of the art technology which not only cleanses particulate matter but also harmful gases. Ones the purification is completed, the extracted pollutants can be converted into commercial product by minimum processing which creates carbon reuse cycle. With the rising contamination of air, we aim to regulate the emission and provide anti-pollution zones for mass public.