The product is an outdoor air purification tower which is 25 feet tall tower, made up of 2 module one is the ESP unit and the other is photo catalytic chamber.

The ESP unit creates high electric field which ionizes all the fine particulate matter up to the size of 0.1 microns.This will be clearing out the particulate matter and will keep them until the power is given. The air stream will then pass through the photocatalytic chamber which contains UV-lights and photo catalyst which releases superoxide ions, hydroxyl ions and hydro peroxide ions etc and reduces the VOCs, NOx, SOx, CO and other gases. The particulate matter will be then extracted with the use of vibrators and will be processed for further products.

It will be consuming 2.5kw energy for covering a radii of 100m and will be cleansing 3 crore liters of air hourly (estimated). The product will also be having a real time air quality monitor and display to make people aware about the purity of air. The towers will be IOT enabled for operations. They will also have their own network so that they will be communicating on the basis of the contamination and work accordingly (one of the future aspect).

The USP of the product is we are not using any kind of fabric filters and chemical adsorbers as they are costly and are not efficient in the long run. We are using electronic filters and photocatalytic chamber which will have an expected life of 5 years. The photocatalytic chamber produces ions which are beneficial for humans and all lifeforms. It is the potential intellectual property too. It also in a way mimic nature by producing the ions generated during rainfall which reduces pollution naturally. The devices would be IOT enabled. The carbon soot can be extracted from the air stream.

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